StEP (Staff Enrichment Programme)

  1. Title of the practice


  1. The context that required the initiation of the practice (100 – 120 words)

Teaching is a strenuous job and managing the administrative side too takes its toll on the non teaching staff. An employee with an healthy body and a healthy mind is a prerequisite for a burgeoning work place. Recognizing this, the College has initiated StEP an initiative designed to ameliorate the physical, emotional, mental and monetary well being of the employees and thereby harness their potential to the maximum.


  1. Objectives of the practice (50 – 60 words)
  • To identify the issues faced by the employees and to find solution for the same
  • To give them a forum to give vent to their creative talents and also to give voice to their grievances, if any.
  • To foster kinship among the employees by giving them an opportunity to spend quality time together.
  • To ease the monitory issues faced by employees by facilitating possibilities for easy availability of loan.
  1. The Practice (250 – 300 words)

The College has a Staff Recreation Room, rich with indoor games like Caroms, Chess, Table Tennis and a small library. This is the place where the teachers and the non teaching staff unwind after a long day at work. Besides this, there is an indoor badminton court which is abuzz with activity after working hours. The College Staff is also encouraged to make use of the basket ball court in the College Hostel and also the College Cricket/Football ground.

Every year the College arranges for a Staff Recreation Tour to a place of verdant beauty. This has proved to a very successful detoxifying measure and an immensely successful team building activity.

The College conducted a one week induction training programme for the newly recruited Non Teaching Staff. They were groomed into the niceties of the job at hand .

The Teaching and Non Teaching Staff of the College also benefit from  retreats held at the College

The College also has a functioning Cooperative Society that chips in with help when the chips are down in form of monetary exigency for the employees.


  1. Obstacles faced if any and strategies adopted to overcome them (150 – 200 words)

Coordinating such activities when the academic timetable gives very little avenue for the same is a challenge. The College inspires its employees to make use of the weekends or other holidays for the same.

Motivating the employees and making them aware of the benefits of making use of the facilities at hand and ensuring their participation in the activities requires lot of preparation and dedication on the part of the organizers. However, considering the benefits to be accrued, the organizers have been more than willing to walk that extra mile.

Generating funds for the recreational activities is a big bottleneck. However,  the College has been able to meet the requirement because of the large-heartedness of the alumni and other stakeholders who when solicited, responded magnanimously.

With strict RBI norms in place, it gives very less flexibility for the College Cooperative Bank to borrow/lend money. The College has been able to help out the needy employees by doing that extra bit of research and paper work , if and when necessary.


  1. Impact of the practice (100 – 120 words)

StEP has been a step in the right direction for most employees. It has not just proved to be a stress buster but also a source of great economic succor. The staff tours have proved to be efficacious as a team building activity. The induction programme has ensured that the employees are in the know of things and can hit the ground running as they assume charge of their responsibilities. The retreats have played their part in brushing up the emotional/spiritual quotient of the employees.

  1. Resources required

# Funds

# Core Team of Teachers and Non Teaching Staff

# Resource Persons

# Infrastructural Resources


  1. About the Institution


  1. Name of the Institution :Bishop Moore College         
  2. Year of Accreditation : 2017
  • Address :Kallumala P.O,Mavelikara, Alapuzha District, Kerala-690 110
  1. Grade awarded by NAAC : A grade
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  3. Contact person for further details : Dr.Jacob Chandy


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