Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Bishop Moore College, (NAAC Reaccredited with B grade)
Kerala, India, 690110
Pallickal PO
Alappuzha District
Kerala, India, 690503
Mobile 9496883739


  • Bachelor of Education, Physical Science, Peet Memorial Training College, Mavelikara – 2002
  • Master of Science, Chemistry (Specialisation in Analytical Chemistry) , Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara – 2001
  • Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara – 1999


Teaching Experience

  • Guest lecturer & FDP substitute in the Dept. of Chemistry, C MS College, Kottayam during the academic year 2003-2009.

  • Guest lecturer in the PG & Research Dept. of Chemistry, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara  during the academic year 2009-2011.

  • Working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara, Kerala, India, since 28 th February 2011.


Research Experience

  • Doing research in the field polymer nanocomposites under the guideship of Dr Laly A Pothen
  • Completed one UGC Minor Research project Preparation of starch  UGC nanocrystals from various sources


Research Interests

  • My research area includes Bionanocomposite.


  • Environment friendly green composites based on soy protein isolate- A review Rekha Rose Koshy, Siji K Mary, Sabu Thomas, Laly A Pothen: Food Hydrocolloids, Volume 50 (2015) Pages 174-192
  • Siji K Mary, Merin Sara Thomas, Rekha Rose Koshy, Prasanth KS Pillai, Laly A. Pothan, and Sabu Thomas. "Adhesion in Biocomposites: A Critical Review." Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives 8, no. 4 (2020): 527-553.
  • Development of starchy based intelligent films by incorporating anthocyanins of Butterfly Pea flower and TiO2 and their applicability as freshness sensors for prawns during storage. Siji K. Mary, Jomol Daniel,  Rekha Rose Koshy, Jijo Thomas Koshy , Laly A Pothen , Sabu Thomas RSC Advances (10):2020 39822–39830
  • Koshy, Rekha Rose, Jijo Thomas Koshy, Siji K. Mary, Sandeep Sadanandan, S. Jisha, and Laly A. Pothan. "Preparation of pH sensitive film based on starch/carbon nano dots incorporating anthocyanin for monitoring spoilage of pork." Food Control 126 (2021): 108039.

Book Chapters


  • Applications of starch nanoparticles and starch based bionanocomposites Siji K mary, Laly A Pothen Title of the book Biopolymer nanocomposites:Processing, Properties and applications (2013) by John Wiley & Sons
  • Aging and biodegradation of biocomposites Siji K Mary, Prasanth S Pillai Deepa B, Laly A Pothen Title of the book : Handbook of biopolymer based material;ls : From Blends and composites to gels and complex networks (2013) John Wiley & Sons


  • Soy protein and starch based green composites/Nanocomposites: Preparation properties and applications Rekha Rose Koshy, Siji K Mary, Laly A Pothen,  Sabu Thomas Title of the book : Ecofriendly polymer nanocomposites Volume 75 of the series advanced structured materials pp 433-467 (2013) by Springer
  • Thomas, Merin Sara, Rekha Rose Koshy, Siji K. Mary, Sabu Thomas, and Laly A. Pothen. Starch, chitin and chitosan based composites and nanocomposites. Springer International Publishing, (2019).


  • Participated and Presented papers in several national/international conferences/ seminars/workshops
  • Qualified State Eligibility Test(SET) and National eligibility Test (NET)
  • Received a patent on 'Crystalline chitin nanowhisker and their composites thereof' (Patent Number IN 329388) with University of Kerala as the applicant through IPR cell of CUSAT.