Dr. Sherley Annie Paul


Dr. Sherely Annie Paul M.Sc., MEd., Ph.D


Associate Professor
Post Graduate and Research Department of Chemistry
Bishop Moore College (Reaccredited by NAAC with B grade with a CGPA 2.81)
Kerala, India, 690110
Email sherlymathew001@yahoo.com
Mavelikara P.O
Alapppuzha district
Kerala, India, 69 0101
0479 2307821
Mobile 9446919969


Doctor of Philosophy, Chemistry, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam 2009. Masters in Education - Annamala University, Annamala-1996 Master of Science, Chemistry, Sacred Hearts College, Thevara, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam -1985. Bachelor of Education, Titus 11 Teachers College, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam -1989. Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Vimala College, Trichur, University of Calicut-1982. Pre-degree , St. Josephs College, Irinjalakuda, University of Calicut. SSLC, Ashram High School, Perumbavoor

Research Experience

14 years in the field of natural fiber composites Ph.D work : Title of the thesis- Banana fiber reinforced Polypropylene Commingled Composites Completed UGC major research project - 1, Development of low density polyethylene/cellulose microfibril composites Completed UGC minor research project - 1 , Preparation and characterization of banana fiber/polypropylene composites Completed students project sanctioned by KSCSTE-5

Research Interests

Thermoplastic/natural fiber composites Textile composites of natural fiber Commingled composites of natural and synthetic fiber Thermoplastic/nanofiber composites Fully degradable biocomposites

Teaching Experience

19 years in the under graduate and 15 years in the post graduate level

Papers published in International Journals : 7


1. Sherely Annie PauL , Thomas Reussmann, Gnter Mennig,Thomas Lampke, Laly A. Pothen, G. D. Gem Mathew, Kuruvilla Joseph and Sabu Thomas,The role of interface modification on the mechanical properties of injection-moulded composites from commingled polypropylene/banana granules, Composite Interfaces, Vol. 14, No. 79, pp. 849867 (2007)

2.Sherely Annie Paul, Doreen Piasta, Stefan Spange, Laly A. Pothan, Sabu Thomas, and Cornelia Bellmann, Solvatochromic and Electrokinetic Studies of Banana Fibrils Prepared from Steam-Exploded Banana Fiber, Biomacromolecules 9 (7), 1802-1810, 2008

3. Sherely Annie Paul, Abderrahim Boudenne, Laurent Ibos, Yves , Candau ,Kuruvilla Joseph, Sabu Thomas, Effect of fiber loading and chemical treatments on thermophysical propertiesof banana fiber/polypropylene commingled composite materials, Composites: Part A 39 , 15821588, 2008

4. Sherely Annie Paul, Kuruvilla Joseph,Gem Mathew, Laly A. Pothen, Sabu Thomas, Preparation of Polypropylene Fiber/Banana Fiber Composites by Novel Commingling Method Polymer Composites, 31, Pages 816 824, 2010

5. Sherely Annie Paul, Christoph Sinturel, Kuruvilla Joseph,G.D.Gem Mathew, Laly A. Pothan, Sabu Thomas, Dynamic Mechanical Analysis of Novel Composites From Commingled Polypropylene Fiber and Banana Fiber, Polymer Engineering and Science, 50, Pages 384 395, 2010

6. Sherely Annie Paul, Charlie Oommen, Kuruvilla Joseph, Gem Mathew, Sabu Thomas.The Role of Interface Modification on Thermal Degradation and Crystallization Behavior of Composites from Commingled Polypropylene Fiber and Banana Fiber, Polymer Composites , 31, 6, 1113-1123, 2010

7. Sherely Annie Paul, Kuruvilla Joseph, Gem Mathew, Laly A Pothen, Sabu Thomas, Influence of polarity parameters on the mechanical properties of composites from polypropylene fiber and short banana fiber Composites Part A , 41, 10, 1380-1387, 2010

Chapter contributed in Books published

1. Sherely Annie Paul, Laly A. Pothan and Sabu . Thomas, Advances in the characterization of interfaces of lignocellulosic fiber reinforced composites in Characterization of Lignocellulosic Materials, Edited by Dr. Thomas Q. Hu. Blackwell Publishing
2. Sabu Thomas, Sherly Annie Paul , Laly A Pothan, Deepa B .Natural Fibre: Structure, Properties and Applications in Cellulose Fibers, Bio-, and Nano- Polymer Composites. Edited by Kalia Kaith and Kaur published by the SpringerVerlag -Berlin- Heidelberg-Newyork.

Papers presented in International Conferences -4

1. S. A. Paul, K. Joseph, G. Mathew and S. Thomas. Commingled composites from banana fiber and PP fiber in the International conference on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development at St.Berchmans College, Changanacherry, 10-13, August, 2005.

2. S. A. Paul, C. Sinturel, K. Joseph, G. Mathew, L. A. Pothan and S. Thomas. Dynamic mechanical analysis of commingled composites from banana fiber and PP fiber in the International Conference on Natural Fibers Vision 2020, organized by North India Section of the Textile Institute, 8-9, December, New Delhi, 2006.

3. S. A. Paul, K. Joseph, G. Mathew, L. A. Pothan and S. Thomas. Effect of fiber/ matrix interaction on the mechanical properties of novel commingled composites from short polypropylene fiber and short banana fiber in the International Conference on organized by CSIR, South Africa, December 9-12, Port Elizabeth, S. Africa, 2007.

4. Sherly Annie Paul, Harsha B, Vidya V, Aswathi .Development and characterization of low density polyethylene/cellulose microfibril composites, International Conference organized by Society of Plastics Engineers, SPE ANTEC NPE2012 in Orlando, Florida, United States of America from April 2nd to April 4th 2012.

Papers presented in National Conferences - 2

No. of Seminars/Workshops/ training programmes/orientation programmes attended -7
No. talks delivered in Schools Chemistry in our daily life in connection with the International Year of chemistry -2
No of Refresher courses attended -3
No. of Orientation course attended -1

Positions held at Bishop Moore College

1. Convener for Science Popularization Programme (100 Science lectures in 100 selected schools) in connection with the celebration of International Year of Chemistry in 2011
2. Chief Superintendent of Kerala University Examinations since 2012