The Department is an approved Research centre of the Kerala University with four Research Guides –

Dr. Mathew Koshy, Dr. K. Kurien Thomas, Dr. Laly A. Pothen and Dr. Sherely Annie Paul. The major research areas include Environmental Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Bionanocomposites and Drug Delivery .Some of the UGC sponsored projects, and their Principal investigators are given below.

Major Research Project funded by UGC
Development of Bio compatible Nano polymer composites using Lignocellulosic fibres obtained by Steam explosion for Bio medical application (2006 – 2009) 3 years : Dr .Laly A. Pothen (7.74 lakhs)
Development of Low Density Polyethylene Cellulose Microfibril Composites (2009 -2012): Dr. Sherely Annie Paul (3.25 lakhs)

Minor Research Project Funded by UGC

  • Preparation of Metal cross linked Alginic acid Beads as a carrier for poorly water soluble drugs: Deepa Thomas (2014-2016)
  • Synthesis,characterisation and bioconjugation of rare earth complexes embeded silica nanoparticles. Investigator: Abha K (2013—2015)
  • Preparation of starch nanocrystals from various sources- Investigator: Siji K Mary (2012-14)
  • Biodegradable Soy protein for potential applications – Investigator : Rekha Rose Koshy (2012-14)

Student Projects (KSCSTE Sponsored)

  • Synthesis and characterisation of dopped ZnS nanoparticle using various dopping agents. Principal Investigator: Abha K (2012)
  • A Novel method for effective utilization of pineapple leaf waste for nanocomposite applications. Principal Investigator: Deepa Thomas (2012)
  • Preparation and characterisation of coconut shell powder: Principal Investigator: Sherely Annie Paul (2012)
  • DSC analysis of LDPE/Coconut shell powder composites:Principal Investigator: Sherely Annie Paul (2012)

Full Time Research Students:

Part Time Researchers:
Mr. Prejith Unni
Ms. Deepa B.
Mrs. Anju Mary Jacob
Ms. Divya G.
Mrs. Bessy Mary Philip
Mrs. Deepa Thomas
Mrs. Abha K.
Mrs Siji K. Mary
Mrs. Rekha Rose Koshy
Mrs. Linda E. Jacob