Report of the IQAC meeting held on 15.06.2011

Report of the IQAC meeting held on 15.06.2011


A meeting of the IQAC was held on 15th June 2011 at 1 P.M in the Prinicpal’s Office. The following members were present.

Dr.K.Kurien Thomas (Principal), Dr.Thomas Kuruvilla, Dr.Sabu George, Mrs.Merin George, Dr.Anne Angeline Abraham, Prof.George M.Cherian


The meeting began with a silent prayer. The new Principal Dr.K.Kurien Thomas welcomed all present.  He reminded the importance of the IQAC in ensuring quality in all the academic and non-academic and related activities  of the college.  The following decisions were taken during the meeting.

  1. To bring out the College Newsletter for the year, with the photos of all the activities which will be a document of the activities of the college.
  2. The College Handbook and Calender for the academic year should be brought out. The meeting decided to entrust this responsibility to the Publication Committee.
  3. Students attendance should be strictly monitored . Students should be present within 10 minutes of commencement of the class to be marked present.
  4. Use of mobile phones in the campus should be banned.
  5. All measures should be taken to prevent incidences of ragging in the campus. All the students should be made to give a declaration that they will not indulge in ragging.

The meeting came to a close at 1.30 P.M.



Dr.K.Kurien Thomas                                                                                        Dr.Thomas Kuruvilla

PRINCIPAL                                                                                                          IQAC Coordinator