Minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 31.07.2015

Minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 31.07.2015 at 2.30 P M in the Principals office.

The following members were present.

Dr. Sabu George, Dr.Ranjith Mathew Abraham, Prof.Jacob Chandy, , Prof. George Mathew, Prof.V.I.Johnson, Dr. Anne Angeline Abraham, Prof. Jessy Ann Philip, Prof.Lynnette Joseph.



The committee reviewed the various quality aspects of the college and discussed abut the steps to the followed for NAAC re-accreditation .The following decisions were taken:


  1. The IQAC decided to organize a retreat for teachers on 06.08.2015. Dr. Rubee Raj, Principal, Marian college of Engineering ,Kuttikkanam has consented to lead the retreat.
  2. The IQAC has constituted a NAAC Steering committee with the following teachers as  members:-


Dr. Nair Anoop Chandrasekharan.                                                                                        

Dr. Ann Angeline Abraham

Ashish Varghese

  1. Divya S

Dr. Asha Ramachandran.

Lynnette Joseph.

Merin George.


The IQAC ccoordinator, Dr. Renjith Mathew Abraham, will be the convenor of the NAAC steering committee. The steering committee would consolidate the Self Study Report after receiving the reports from the criterion-wise committees.

  1. It was decided to ask the criterion –wise committee conveners to submit the report to the NAAC steering committee.
  2. The IQAC decided to renovate the women’s centre, construct a new hand wash area near the women’s centre and install incinerators in the women’s centre and ladies hostel.
  3. The committee decided to renew the subscription to INFLIBNET.
  4. The IQAC would monitor the procurement of instruments and upgradation of research infrastructure under the DST-FIST scheme.
  5. Ramps and hand rails for the benefit of differently abled students were decided to the constructed at different locations in the campus.
  6. It was also decided to construct a toilet for the differently abled.
  7. The IQAC decided to provide lights and fans in all classrooms.


The meeting came to a close at 3.30 P.M.


Dr.Sabu George                                                                                                                Dr. Ranjith Mathew Abraham

Principal                                                                                                                                IQAC Coordinator






Action taken Report:


  1. One day retreat was organized for teachers on 06.08.2015, which was led by Dr. Ruble Raj.
  2. The NAAC steering committee has held its first meeting and has discussed plans for the completion of SSR.
  3. The women’s centre was renovated , a new hand wash area was contributed and incinerators were installed in the women’s centre and ladies hostel.
  4. The INFLIBNET subscription has been renewed.
  5. Ramps, handrails and a toilet for differently abled students has been constructed.
  6. All the class rooms have been fitted with lights and fans.


Dr. Ranjith Mathew Abraham IQAC Coordinator