Minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 16th JAN. 2015

Minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 16th JAN. 2015 at 11 A M in the Principal’s office.

The following members were present.

Dr. Leelamma George,Dr. Sabu George, Dr.Ranjith Mathew Abraham, Dr. P.K.Varghese, Dr.Laly Jacob, Prof.V.I.Johnson, Prof. George Mathew, Prof. Geroge M Cherian, Prof. Jessy  Ann Philip, Prof. George Kurian.



The committee reviewed the various quality aspects and development programmes of the college. The following decisions were taken.


  1. The convenor informed that the period of accreditation expires on 27th march 2015, and that the LOI has to be submitted for the next cycle. However the committee decided thst the submission of LOI may be postponed as the infrastructure projects of the college have not been completed.
  2. It was decided to conduct the valedictory function of the Golden Jubilee celebration on 7th March 2015. It was decided to invite Shri Oommen Chandy ,the honorable Chief Minister of Kerala as the chief Guest.
  3. The committee expressed satisfaction in the progress of the construction of the Golden Jubilee Chapel. The dedication was scheduled to be held on 21th January 2015 by the manager and Bishop Rt. Rev Thomas k Oommen.
  4. The progress of work on the Golden Jubilee Gate and the Parking area was renewed . It was decided to dedicate the same on 7Th march 2015.
  5. It was decided that the all teachers should collect completed feedback form from the students. Institutional feedback forms should collect from all outgoing students.
  6. Patheyam-a send off ceremony for final year students should be organized in the month of March. It was decided to invite Rev, Mathew Vaidhyan to deliver the message .
  7. It was decided to organize “Vision 2030” – a programme to plan for the future of the college on 24th March at 11.00 AM  in the seminar hall. It was decided to invite former Principals ,former teachers , alumni and all the current teaching staff and non-teaching staff. The manager will preside over the meeting.
  8. It was decided to renovate the Zoology department room.

The meeting come to close at 12.30 P.M.




 Dr.Leelamma George                                                                    Dr. Ranjith Mathew Abraham

Principal                                                                                               IQAC Coordinator


Action Taken Report

  1. The valedictory function of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the College was held on 7th March 2015. The Chief Minister Shri. Oommen Chandy had consented to be the chief guest, but unfortunately due to the sudden demise of the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Shri. G.Karthikeyan he was not able to attend the function. Shri.Rajesh MLA and the Manager Rt.Rev.Thomas K. Oommen graced the occasion.
  2. The Golden Jubilee Gate was completed with the financial help from the Alumni Association. The gate was dedicated on 7th March 2015
  3. Teacher feedbacks were collected and the respective teachers made an analysis of their teaching based on the student feedback.  Teachers agreed to make necessary changes and improve their teaching.
  4. Institutional feedbacks were collected from the students in a structured questionnaire.
  5. Padheyam was organized on 23rd March to bid farewell to the final year students.
  6. The IQAC and the ART organized a programme VISION 2030 on 24th March to plan for the future of the College. Principals, Manager, teaching and non teaching staff shared their vision for the college.
  7. The Zoology Department was renovated and dedicated.


Dr.Ranjith Mathew Abraham

IQAC Coordinator