Minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 04.01.2016

Minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 04.01.2016 at 1 P.M in the Principals cabin.  The following members were present.

 Dr.Sabu George, Dr.Jacob Chandy, Prof.George Mathew, Dr.Laly Jacob, Prof.V.I.Johnson, Dr.Anne Angeline Abraham, Dr.P.K.Varghese


            The Co-ordinator informed that the criterion-wise committees for the preparation of SSR have handed over their reports to  the NAAC Steering Committee and that the steering committee has started the revision and consolidation of the reports.  The following decisions were taken in the meeting.

  1. The IQAC decided to finalise and print the Self Study Report 2016 and also to submit the ‘Letter of Intent’ to NAAC by the end of the academic year.
  2. The IQAC would remind all the club co-coordinators to submit their activity report to the principal in March.
  3. It was decided to host the National seminars planned to be organized by the Department of Physics, Economics and Political Science.
  4. The committee decided to collect the conference proceedings of the National seminars organized by the concerned departments

The  meeting came to a close at 2 p m.


            Dr.Sabu George                                                                      Dr.Ranjith Mathew Abraham

            Principal                                                                                  l IQAC Coordinator


Action Taken Report of the meeting held on 4th January 2016      

  1. The Self Study Report has been uploaded in the college website and the ‘Letter of Intent’ was submitted online to NAAC on 25th May 2016.
  2. The reports of all club activities have been submitted by the concerned coordinators.
  3. The following seminars/conferences have been conducted successfully.
  4. The National seminar on ‘Experimental and Theoretical Approaches to Photonic Materials’ (ETAP 2016) organized by the department of Physics on 6-8 January 2016.
  5. The National workshop on SPSS and Research Methodology was organized by the Department of Economics.
  6. The National seminar on ‘ Human Rights Perspective on Development’ and Displacement was organized by the Dept. of Economics History and Political Scienceon 22-23 Feb. 2016.



Dr. Ranjith Mathew Abraham

 IQAC Coordinator