Minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 01.08.2013

Minutes of the IQAC meeting held on 01.08.2013 at 1.00 P M in the Principals cabin.

The following members were present.

Dr.Thomas kuruvilla, Dr. Sabu George, .Dr. Leelama George., Dr.Ranjith Mathew Abraham ,                     Dr. P.K.Varghese, Dr.D Sajan, Prof. Lynnette Joseph ,Prof.Divya S

The coordinator informed the concent of the honorable Governor of Kerala to inaugurate the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the college. The coordinator also informed the members that the University of Kerala has sanctioned  the M.Sc. Botany course in the college,which should be commenced during during this academic year. Discussions regarding the various activities in the college were also held and the following decisions were taken:

  1. The formal inauguration of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the college would be held on 5th August , following the convenient date of the Governor of Kerala.
  2. It was decided to start the M.Sc. Botany course during this academic year. An M.Sc. Botany lab has to set up before the commencing of the first year M.Sc. classes. For this the IQAC would hold discussions with the Bursar and staff of the department of Botany.
  3. The IQAC should monitor the UGC-Sponsored Add-on courses commencing during the year .The Add-on course on ‘Wel designing and office Automation’ conducted by the department of Physics and Add-on course  on ‘Polymer Nanocomposites’ conducted by the Dept. of Chemistry.
  4. The IQAC should monitor the programmes under the new initiatives of higher education using ‘Walk with Scholar ‘ and ‘Scholar Support Programme’, which the college takes up this year.
  5. The IQAC has decided to approach teachers for contributing to the student Aid fund –the noon meal scheme for needy students. The members should make sure that deserving students apply for the scheme.
  6. It was also decided to inform and motivate the young teachers to take up major and minor research projects of the UGC.
  7. The meeting also decide to seek the support of all staff for the conduct of the ‘International Conference on Perspectives in Vibrational Spectroscopy’(ICOPVS-2013) organized by the dept. of Physics and the ‘National Seminar on Reading literature in the contemporary Critical Paradigms organize by the dept. of English’


The meeting came to a close at 2 pm.



        Dr. Ranjith Mathew Abraham

Dr. Thomas Kuruvilla                                                                                               IQAC Coordinator




Action Taken Report:


  1. The Golden Jubilee celebrations were inaugurated by the honorable Governor of Kerala on 5th
  2. The M.Sc. Botany lab for first year practical’s has been set up.
  3. The two Add- on courses have started in the department of Physics and Chemistry.
  4. ‘Walk with the Scholar’ programme has started with P K Varghese as the coordinator and ‘Scholar support Programme has started with Dr. D Sajan  as the convener.
  5. Teachers are giving monthly contributions for the students Aid fund and deserving students are benefitting from this scheme.
  6. Several proposals for minor research projects have been forwarded to UGC.
  7. ICOPVS- 2013 and the National conference were conducted successfully.


Dr. Ranjith Mathew Abraham

IQAC Coordinator