Minutes of the IQAC held on 8.8.2012

Minutes of the IQAC held on 8.8.2012 at 1 P.M in the Principals office.  The following members were present.


Dr.Thomas Kuruvilla (Principal), Dr.Ranjith Mathew Abraham (Coordinator), Dr.P.K.Varghese, Dr.Leelamma George, Dr.Sabu George, Dr.Anne Angeline Abraham , Prof.Lynnette Joseph, Prof.Divya.S, Prof.George.M.Cherian


The IQAC reviewed the activities and the academic programmes in the college and took the following decisions.


  1. The IQAC decided to bring out the Newsletter of the college, which should be a comprehensive document to showcase the activities of the departments and the achievements of the staff and students. It was decided to assign the responsibility of the Newsletter to the Publication Committee..
  2. It was decided to apply to NAAC, Bangalore for sponsorship to conduct a seminar on ‘Emerging Dimensions of Quality in Higher Education’ for college teachers.
  3. The IQAC discussed the problem of ragging and it was decided to take al necessary action to curb the incidence of ragging in the   Signboards are to be erected, notice will be read out in all the classes and orientation programmes  are to be conducted  against the menace of ragging.
  4. The IQAC decided to strictly enforce the High Court ruling on the use of mobile phones in campus. The discipline committee should be convened to discuss these matters and take strict action in this regard.
  5. The Building Committee and the Golden Jubilee Committee should be convened to discusss and submit the proposal for Jubilee Project from the UGC.
  6. It was decided to connect the seminar hal with Inernet connection so as to facilitate Online classes.
  7. It was decided to hasten the process of raising the department Physics in to a Research Department.
  8. It was decided to repair and clean and also lay the water connections of the Mens toilet.
  9. It was decided to improve the basic amenities in the womens Centre. The toilets, washbasins and floorings are to be renovated.
  10. It was decided to improve the basic amenities in the Chemistry, Physics, and Zoology Departments- wash basins and water connections are to be provided.


The meeting came to a close at 2 P.M.


Dr.Thomas Kuruvilla                                                                                        Dr.Ranjith Mathew Abraham

RINCIPAL                                                                                                             IQAC Coordinator

The Action Taken Report of the IQAC  meeting held on 8.8.2012


  1. The College Newsletter is in the final stages of publication and it will be released immediately.
  2. The proposal for conducting a NAAC sponsored seminar on ‘Emerging Dimensions of Quality’ has been sent to the Director , NAAC, Bangalore.
  3. The seminar hall has been connected with internet, now online classes can be conducted in the seminar hall.
  4. The Men’s toilet was repaired and the water connection has been provided.
  5. The toilets, washbasins, and flooring of the women’s centre has been renovated.
  6. The Chemistry, Physics and Zoology department rooms have been provided with washbasin and water connection.


Dr.Ranjith  Mathew Abraham

IQAC Coordinator