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Lecture on “Reading Against the Grain"

6 March 2017

Prof. Indulal R. (Associate Professor, Department of English, SD College, Alappuzha)

PUJ Endowment Lecture on "Resisting Reader: Reading Strategies of Feminism".

6 September 2016

Dr. Chandrika Balan( short story writer and academician)

Lecture on “Reading/ Doing Shakespeare: Texts, Theory & Performance”.

February 16th & 17th, 2016

Prof. Josy Joseph (Associate Professor, Department of English, SB College, Changanacherry)

National Seminar on “Evolving Media in Post-Liberalization India”.

28th & 29th December 2015

Mr. Venkitesh Ramakrishnan [Senior Associate Editor, The Hindu/Frontline]. Mr. Mohan Ramamoorthy [Faculty, Asian College of Journalism, Chennai] Dr. Fr. Francis Karackat [Principal, Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Angadikadavu and Chief Editor, Don Bosco Magazine]

Lecture on “How to Make English Learning Easy". November 11th, 2015

. Rajesh Mohan, Overseas Academy, Angamaly, Ernakulum

Prof. P U Jacob Endowment lecture on ‘Translation’, September 30, 2015

Dr. P. Radhika, HoD,

FMN College, Kollam

Talk on ‘How to Make English Learning Easy’, 11th November, 2015

Rajesh Mohan, Overseas Academy, Ernakulam.

Invited talk on ‘World Cinema’

September 18, 2015

Sri. John Paul

(Script Writer)

Prof. P. U. Jacob Endowment Lecture on ‘The Magic of Words the Allure of Literature’,23rd  September, 2014

Prof. Khyrunnisa  A.,


Invited Talk on ‘Modern Literature and Life’,

 Benyamin (Eminent Malayalam writer)

Invited Lecture, March 4, 2014

Dr. P. K. Rajasekharan, Writer and Critic

Theatre Workshop, February 2, 2014

Nooranadu Suku, Theatre Artiste

Talk on ‘Essential Qualities for Public Speaking ’, February 26, 2014.

Prof. Jacob Eapen Kunnath

(CMS College, Kottayam)

Interface with Author

Drew Hayden Taylor


Prof. P. U.  Jacob Endowment lecture on ‘How to Read a Movie’ September 5, 2013.

Dr. Manu Ramakant

S N College, Kollam

Talk on Poetry - March 4, 2013

 Kalpetta Narayanan, Poet

Talk on Modernism - March 5, 2013

 Sunil P Ilayidam, Sree Sankaracharya University, Kalady

Talk on ‘Theory of Resistance’ - March11, 2013

Dr. J. Devika, CDS, Tvm

Talk on ‘Films’

 Aju K. Narayanan,

Cherry Jacob, UC College, Aluva

Prof. P. U. Jacob Endowment lecture on ‘I’m Sad that I’m not Mad - A Survey on Modern Art’ December 20, 2012

Prof. Preethi Joseph,

Raja Ravi Varma Fine Arts College, Mavelikara

Prof. P. U. Jacob Endowment lecture on Shakespeare 2011

Prof. C. C. Thomas, SB College, Changanacherry

Invited talk ‘On Literature’ July 1, 2011

Prof V. C. John (Retd.), Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara

Prof. P. U.  Jacob Endowment lecture on Evolution of Media and the significance of Media November 11, 2011

Sri. John Paul

(Script Writer)