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IQAC Committee

Chairman: Dr. Jacob Chandy (Principal)


Committee Members:

  • Dr. D. Sajan
  • Dr. Lynnette Joseph
  • Mrs. Merin George
  • Dr. Nair Anup Chandrasekharan
  • Dr. Divya S
  • Dr. Ashish Varughese
  • Prof. George Kurien (Management Representative)
  • Mr. V. I. Johnson (Local Society Representative)
  • Mr. Jackson Joseph (Alumni Representative)
  • Mrs, Mercy Paul (Administrative Staff Representative)

Functions of IQAC:

  • IQAC monitors the academic program through its members
  • The IQAC recommends measures for the improvement of teaching learning process in the college
  • It develops documentary frameworks for the sustenance and improvement of quality in the teaching learning process.
  • The designing and modification of work plan, progress report, student feedback forms are done by the IQAC.
  • Makes effort to improve the quality and creates learner-centric environment.
  • IQAC of the college is also involved in organizing lectures and inviting eminent resource persons to address the teaching staff on issues relating to ‘quality’ in higher education.
  • Develop plans to ensure that the infrastructure is in line with its academic growth.
  • Prepares and submits AQAR, NIRF, ARIIA reports every year