International Conference on Marxism, 7-9 January 2019

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Theme of the Conference

The crisis in global capitalism is an opportunity to understand how far capitalism has commodified the different facets of human existence. As we map the civil society and antigovernment protests/movements across the world - deeply subversive, anti-establishment and counter hegemonic - there is widespread anger and resentment against the withdrawal of State and its submission to the forces of market. These movements radically foreground questions of existence, democracy, sovereignty, relationship between state and subject, and the ideal of ‘welfarism’, taking us to the fundamentals of Marxism.

The infinite proliferation and diversification of Marxism in the form of representative theories and identity politics over the last few decades show the determinate nature of Marxism as an ideological construction. Provincialism, regionalism, fragmentation and disintegration are liberating and counter-hegemonic in a postmodern and postcolonial world. The historicity of Marxism took twists and turns whenever the new imperialists’ order of financial capitalism suffered internal stagnation. An attempt to locate and contextualize Marxism as a school of thought in the perceived dichotomy of Marxism and Capitalism remains elusive and intangible. Marxism is increasingly reflected in numerous ways in social and critical theories of gender, identity, race, class and culture.This process of diversification is aided and abetted by the late monopoly capitalism. Capitalism, on the other hand, manifests a steady monopolisation and homogenisation, resulting in its monolithic nature/character which in turn is the outcome of global financial capital.

The fundamental objective of the three day International Conference is to track the historicity of global financial capitalism, to comprehend and deliberate on the changes and shifts in its growth and finally to understand how it contributed/ is still contributing to the proliferation and diversification of Marxism. Stratification and diversification, even as it is the project of global capitalism, shows the indispensible and inevitable organic character of any discipline. Can the Marxists use the same strategy of internal destabilisation, in the name of diversification in global financial capitalism? Can we use the ideal of ‘welfarism’, espoused by Karl Marx in Das Capital, as a destabilising tool by making ‘welfarism’ the capital of globalisation?Does monopoly capitalism destabilise the core idea of Marxism to abort any attempt to act as a counterbalance to global financial capitalism?


Proposals for papers are invited under the following categories:

  • Historicity of Global Financial Capital
  • Historicity of Welfarism
  • Welfarism as Political Capital and/or Progressive Capital
  • Pro-left orientation in Social Justice Movements across the world
  • Political Subjectivity
  • Culture and Social Policy
  • Welfare State in Literature
  • Aspects of Consumption and Consumption Studies
  • Globalisation and Welfare
  • Ideology and Welfare

Abstract and Paper Submission

An abstract of 500 words can be sent to conferenceonmarxism2019@gmailon or before 20 October 2018. The abstract should have a title along with the name and institutional affiliation of the presenter. Selected abstracts will be intimated by 1 November 2018. The full paper should be sent on or before 15 December 2018. The papers should be limited to 12 pages and will have 20 minutes presentation time.  Selected papers will be published as a Special Issue of Littcrit in 2019.

Registration fees for paper presenters

Faculty Members      :           INR 2000

Research Scholars     :           INR 1000



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