Institution Core Values



To be a centre of excellence and a catalyst in facilitating holistic development of youth with international standards, edified with sanctity of truth, equipped to serve, grounded on Christian ideals.


To nuture the enquiring mind to be liberated by truth, empowered by knowledge, committed to service and communal harmony, championing the cause of women and the marginalized and to create a sustainable environment




Aims of the College

⋆ To cultivate a creative learning environment.
⋆ To apply innovative and student centered pedagogy.
⋆ To promote advanced alliance with academic institutions.
⋆ To update and Create new knowledge through research.
⋆ To aid students through mentoring.
⋆ To address the concerns of the marginalized.
⋆ To champion the cause of women.
⋆ To strengthen stake holder relationships.
⋆ To sustain an eco-friendly campus.
⋆ To create a congenial atmosphere for secularism.


Aspirations of the College

⋆ To build up young men and women who will strive for excellence in every field of life.
⋆ To work within the framework of the rights guaranteed in the Indian constitution to the minority communities.
⋆ To promote justice and communal peace.
⋆ To inspire a simple lifestyle and a cosmopolitan outlook on life.
⋆ To check corruption, bad practices and addiction.
⋆ To create a conducive apolitical academic atmosphere.
⋆ To foster merit and excellence and thereby to invest in people.
⋆ To understand 'The Truth' which will make one free to face life with a sense of purpose