Infrastructure Development and Maintenance Policy



The Management, Governing Council, IQAC, Staff Council, Departments and various committees work together to cater to the needs of teaching and learning community. They are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the college expands its physical infrastructure as per the demands of its academic growth.

Sources of Funds: 

  1. Central/ State Government Funds including PD Fund, UGC Funds, Funds under DBT STAR College Scheme, Funds under DST FIST, KSCSTE SARD etc
  2. Management Funds
  3. Alumni and Well wishers

Identification of Requirements:

The college has a formal Infrastructure Committee with sub committees for Hostel, Canteen, Library, and Book Stall, which work out the additional requirements of various academic units, and ensures that adequate physical infrastructure is in place for all courses being run as well as for the new courses being introduced. The infrastructural requirements as well as upgrading of the existing facilities of each Department are discussed and listed in Department meetings. Judicious allocation of funds for various purposes is done by making use of funds from the UGC accounts, PD accounts and Management funds. These committees also serve in ensuring the optimal utilization of the available infrastructure by students as well as other stake holders. Interdisciplinary Research Committee ensures that the institution gives proposals for  funding from various agencies like the UGC, DST, FIST, RUSA and KSCSTE. 

Infrastructure maintenance requirement of all the units are monitored in a centralised manner. The HoDs are instructed to record the maintenance required in the Maintainence Request Register as and when need arises. The maintainence/repair is ensured by the Infrastucture Committee on a timely basis.

Ensuring Optimal Utilization of Funds: 

Various Committees are constituted from time to time by the Principal for ensuring the effective and optimum utilization of funds. Infrastructure Committee monitors the utilization of the management funds.

Interdisciplinary Research Committee ensures that the institution utilises maximum funds from various agencies like the UGC, DST, FIST, RUSA and KSCSTE. Proper utilization of sanctioned funds and maintenance of records are monitored by the committee. Optimal utilization as well as timely maintenance of major equipments by the respective companies/suppliers is also ensured. Extra expenses if any are met by the Management. HoDs and Senior Superintendent are authorized to ensure upkeep of equipments. Budget for development of infrastructure is allotted from Management funds as well as from various agencies like UGC, DST, KSCSTE etc. Feedback obtained from students is analysed by IQAC and is taken into account while proposals for infra structure development are submitted before the Governing Council.


Project Execution Committees like DBT STAR Committee, KSCSTE SARD Committee and  RUSA Committee:

The government funds utilized during 2015-20 were the DBT STAR College fund for the  development of Teaching Learning facilities for Undergraduate level teaching, DST FIST scheme  for development of Research Departments and the KSCSTE SARD scheme for the setting up of the Centre for Advanced Functional Materials  of the Department of Physics. Proper and timely utilization of the funds under these schemes are ensured by the respective project execution committees. RUSA scheme of Government of India was sanctioned during the academic year 2018-19 with the objective of enhancing the academic ambience of the institution. A funding of Rs. 2 crores was sanctioned under the scheme.

Library Advisory Committee : It consists of the Librarian, senior faculty members, student representatives and library staff as its members. The committee advices on purchase and acquisition of titles, journals, periodicals and ensures utilization of funds available under various schemes like UGC, P.D. account, Library fee, etc. It supervises the allocation and utilization of funds for various departments. Accordingly, the Principal/UGC Committee allots a specific amount from the Library Fee and UGC fund respectively to each Department in order to purchase books. The list of titles prepared by each Department is verified and sanctioned by the Library Committee.