Harithalayam Mission


Objectives of the Practice:

  1. To ensure substantial green cover in the campus
  2. To preserve rare species of plants/trees in the campus
  3. To make the campus eco-friendly
  4. To reduce the plastic usage and thus save the environment from the possible threats of plastic disposal.
  5. To encouragethe college students to be aware of environmental issues.
  6. To utilize the enormous manpower available with the college students and conduct awareness in the society.
  7. To make students practice and advocate sustainable lifestyle.
  8. To provide environmentaleducation opportunities for college students and involve them in addressing environmental issues of the locality.

The Context:

‘Campus- A venue for Environmental Enrichment’ is the idea that motivates the College community in its march to excellence. Environment-friendly practices and education find a way through the Green Campus concept. It helps to enhance the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process and to develop sustainable solutions to environmental, social and economic needs of mankind. It re-defines the environmental culture of the institution and fosters the need of the hour requirement in protecting the environment.

The Practice:

The college has organised a good number of programmes with the purpose of inculcating environmental-friendly practices in the college as well as community. A group of 50 students are selected each year. Three teaching staff and two non-teaching staff are also members of the Harithalayam Committee. The practices followed under this initiative during the academic year 2020-21 are given below.

  1. Inauguration of the Harithalayam Project: As part of the inauguration of the project, banana and Tapioca along with coconut trees were planted in front of the main campus by the students and staff members.
  2. An ‘online photography competition’ for the members on theme: ‘Lockdown with Nature’. The programme was conducted by abiding the Covid 19 protocol on June, 5th, 2020 in association with ‘Environmental Day’ celebration.
  3. Parithranam (Plant a Tree challeng) on 05 June 2020: Under this scheme 10000 saplings are planted in seven days by students and staff as part of environment day celebrations.
  4. Intercollegiate Competition: Competitions on topic “Bhoomikkoru pranayalekhanam (A love letter for earth)” was organized for school and college students.
  5. “Protect the Environment, Protect the Nature” Programmes: Awareness Programme : Created awareness among staff and students on protecting nature and keep our environment safe and clean as part of Nature conservation day on 28 July 2020.
  6. VEETTILITHIRI PACHAPPU, An idea of how microgreen farming can be practiced in our home. During Lock down students were motivated to do microgreen farming at home and send videos.
  7. World Water Day and Word Earth Day flyers were distributed among staff and students.
  8. On the Earth Day, the bamboo saplings were planted towards the Bamboo Forest Project in the campus as part of the Harithalayam Mission. Bamboo samplings are procured from the JNTBGRI, Palode, Thiruvananthapuram.
  9. On 21 May 2021, Sunderlal Bahuguna’s (Indian environmentalist and Chipko movement leader), Memorial Day. An awareness was created among students and staff about him and his environmental activities.

Evidence of Success

On 22 April 2021: Bishop Moore College won the One District One Green Champions Award of the Mahatma Gandhi National Council for Rural Eduction. The award was given for the green initiatives of the college.

Problems Encountered and Resources Needed

  • Lock down due to COVID spread imposed restrictions on students and staff to meet in the campus to engage more in the green activities.
  • Financial constraints too were a problem encountered.