Green Initiatives

The college campus is serene and picturesque with a beautiful garden, pond, trees and plants, and greenery around. There is a substantial green cover maintained in the campus with rare and endangered species of trees preserved. A full time gardener is appointed in the campus to take care of plants and trees.  All measures are adopted to maintain the campus green, clean and eco-friendly.  The College has been recently awarded the One District-One Green Champion Award by the MGNCRE, Ministry of Education, Govt of India.  

The NSS unit and Bhoomithrasena Club actively participates in afforestation and greening programmes in the campus and community.As part of sensitizing the students on environmental issues, various programmes are organized in the college as well out-reach programmes are conducted. The College has been awarded the best Bhoomithrasena Unit Award in 2017 and 2018 by the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, Government of Kerala.

Green Campus

Waste Management Measures

Rain Water Harvesting

Harithalayam Project