Association of Retired Teachers(ART)

The Association of Retired Teachers was started in 2005 with the following objectives.

  1. To sustain the fellowship and camaraderie enjoyed by the teaching community during their service in the college.
  2. To establish a continuing healthy relationship with the college and the present staff members, so as to contribute to the overall development of the institution.
  3. To act as a link between the institution and the society.


Regular get togethers are held at least once in a year. Executive committee meets more often to plan the programmes. Eminent personalities including illustrious former students address the annual meetings.


  1. ‘Contact’ a newsletter containing news and views of our members are brought out once in a year.
  2. A ‘Directory’ containing the details of all the retired teachers was brought out in 2012. It contains the photos, present address, phone numbers and names of family members.

Present Executive Committee with contact Telephone Number:

Joint Secretary
Joint Treasurer

Rev. Prof. K. C. Mathew
Prof. M. K. Cheriyan
Prof. Mammen Varkey
Prof. George. M. Cheriyan
Rev. Prof. Itty Mathew
Prof. Jacob Mathew
Prof. V. C. John


Committee Members

Prof.Koshy Ninan
Prof.Victor Sam
Prof.S.Parameswaran Pillai
Prof.Anna Varghese
Prof.Rajan George
We welcome all retiring teachers to join the fraternity of ART