Courses and General Structure


Three year BA Degree Programmes
• BA Malayalam Language & Literature with complementary courses Sanskrit and Kerala Culture
• BA in English Language and Literature with complementary courses History of English Literature and Political Science.
• BA in Economics with complementary courses Political Science and History of Modern India.

Three year B.Sc Degree Programmes
• B.Sc Mathematics with complementary courses Physics and Statistics.
• B.Sc Physics with complementary courses Mathematics and Chemistry.
• B.Sc Chemistry with complementary courses Physics and Mathematics.
• B.Sc Botany with complementary courses Chemistry and Zoology.
• B.Sc Zoology with complementary courses Chemistry and Botany.
• B.Sc Botany & Biotechnology with Core course Botany and auxillary course Biochemistry.

Three year B.Com Degree Programmes
• B.Com (Commerce) with elective Finance and Taxation
• B.Com (Commerce) with elective Computer Applications

*All BA, B.Sc and B.Com degree will have English as Language Course I and Additional Language (Malayalam/Hindi) as Language Course II.

Two year MA Degree Programme
• MA English Language and Literature with Elective Papers in
    Women's Writing, Writing Lives & Performing Gender (Semester III)

    Travel Writing & Theorising Sexualities (Semester IV)

MA Behavioural Economics & Data Science

Two year M.Sc Degree Programmes
• M.Sc Physics with specialization in Materials Science
• M.Sc Chemistry with specialization in Analytical Chemistry
• M.Sc Botany with specialization in Biotechnology

Add on Courses
• Web Designing & Office Automayion (UGC)
• Polymer Nanocomposites (UGC)
• Professional Diploma in Network Engineering (Keltron)


The First Degree Programme (BA/B.Sc/B.Com) shall include 1)Language Courses 2)Foundation courses 3)Core Courses in Major subjects 4)Complementary Courses on Allied subjects 5)Open/Elective Courses and 6)Dissertation. The minimum number of courses required for completion of a Degree Programme may vary from 30-38 depending on the credit assigned to different courses.
The students may choose the Major subject of study at the beginning of the Programme and shall join a Department.
Language Courses and Foundation Courses shall be offered in the 1st, 2nd,3rd and 4th Semesters. Core Courses may be offered from the 1st semester onwards along with the complementary courses and shall include a compulsory project/Dissertation to be undertaken during the 5th/6th semester.
Open/Elective Courses may be offered in any subject and the student will have the option to do Courses offered by other Departments. Open Course shall be offered in 5th semester and elective course in 6th semester.
No Course shall carry more than 4 credits. Audit courses will carry Zero credits.
The Core Courses prescribed by the University for the First Degree Programme shall be offered by the parent Department. The Student has to take a combination of Complementary Course (eg.Economics with History & Politics or Chemistry with Mathematics and Physics) offerd by the Institution. The student also has to select any Elective Course offered by the Department. The student shall do Open/Elective Course totaling to a minimum of 4 credits but not more than 20 credits. However the students may ascertain from the faculty advisor the suitability and usefulness of such courses to increase the academic potential and opportunity/eligibility for higher studies.
The student secures the credits assigned to a course on successful completion of the course. The students shall be required to earn a minimum of 120 credits including credits for Language Courses, Foundation Courses, Core Courses, Complementary Courses, Dissertation and Open/Elective Courses as indicated below within a minimum period of 6 semesters for the award of the Degree excluding Credit acquired for Social Service/extension activity. The minimum required Credits for different Courses for the award of the Degree are given in the general structure of the First Degree Programme.

  BA/B.Sc B.Com
Accumulated minimum Credits required for successful completion of the Programme 120 Credits 120 Credits
Minimum Credits for Language Courses 33 Credits 22 Credits
Minimum Credits for Foundation Courses 5 Credits 5 Credits
Credits required for Core Courses including Dissertation 50-56 Credits 61 Credits
Credits required for Complementary Course 22-28 Credits 12 Credits
Minimum Credits required for Open Courses/Elective 4 Credits 20 Credits
Minimum Credits for Social Service/Extension activity 1 Credit 1 Credit