Founding Fathers

Bishop M.M. John

Bishop M.M. John was the seventh Bishop of the Madhya Kerala Diocese who shepherded the diocese for 16 long years from 1958 to 1974. He was born on the 14th of November 1908 at Olesha near Kottayam. Bishop M.M. John was the founder Manager of the Bishop Moore College. He held the post till his retirement from the diocese in 1974. It was he who decided to name the infant institution Bishop Moore College in order to perpetuate the memory of the saintly Bishop, the Rt. Rev. E.A.L. Moore, the fourth Anglican Bishop of the diocese.

Bishop M.M. John showed great care and love for the backward and downtrodden people of the diocese. He was the first Bishop to appoint dalit clergy in Syrian parishes. He pioneered to start a number of hostels for the poor boys with the help of the KNH and World Vision. Besides the Bishop Moore College, he was also the architect of the Peet Memorial Training College, CMS Industrial School, Tholassery Weaving School, and also a number of hospitals.

He was devout servant of Jesus Christ, a strong preacher, sound scholar, tender-hearted pastor, and a wise Episcopal administrator. He was a man of compassion, generous, thoughtful, and ready to show appreciation and possessed a delightful sense of humour, with a good stock of anecdotes.

Rev. Prof. K.C. Mathew