Bishop Moore College has two recognized research centers affiliated to the University of Kerala

  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Chemistry

The Department of Science and Technology (DST) through the scheme “Fund for Improvement of Science and Technology Infrastructure in Higher Educational Institutions” (FIST) has sanctioned  one crore to the Physics and Chemistry Departments for development of research and infrastructural facilities.

Centralized Instrumentation Facilities: UV-VIS Spectrometer, TG-DTA, Flurimeter.

               dsc    equip    fluri

Facilities at Research Department of PhysicsFT-IR Spectrophotometer, Work station computer, Solution Growth Apparatus, SR method for growing large size crystals, Magnetic stirrer with hot plate, Constant Deviation Spectrometer, Michelson Interferometer, CROs, Function Generators,Strong Electromagnet, Hall effect apparatus, Non Vibrating Honey Comb Optical Table , He-Ne Laser, Semiconductor Laser, Optical Communications kit, Low temperature furnace, Impedance analyzer, Gaussian Software, Centre for Nonlinear studies - A separate space for Theoretical Physics research.

Department of Botany: Laminar  Air Flow, Incubator, Hot air oven, Autoclave, Double and Single distillation units, Weighing  balances -Monopan and digital balance, Water bath, Culture storage facilities, PH meter, Vertical and Horizontal Electrophoresis units, Centrifuges, UV transilluminator, Spectro photometer, Colorimeter, Sohxlet apparatus, Microtomes, Camera Lucida, Micrometer, Shaking incubator, Research microscopes.

Department of Zoology: Phase Contrast Microscope, Binocular Microscope, Research Microscope, Compound Microscope, Dissection Microscope, Digital Photocolorimeter, Digital pH meter, Water Analyser, Electronic Balance, Hot air oven, Centrifuge, Autoclave, Water Bath, Distillation  units, Microtome, Electrophoresis unit, Micrometer, Micropipettes, Chromatographic Chamber, Haemoglobinometer, Haemocytometer, RBC counting chamber, ESR unit.