Botany and Biotechnology

Post Graduate Department of Botany & Biotechnology

The Department of Botany came into existence in 1968, when the Biology department was bifurcated into Botany and Zoology. In 1969, the undergraduate course, B.Sc Botany started with 26 students. In order to keep pace with the global prominence of Biotechnology, a re-structured course was started in 2000 with Botany as the core subject and Biotechnology and Biochemistry as vocational and auxiliary subjects. The Department of Botany became the Department of Botany and Biotechnology. we could start M.Sc. Botany in 2013 with Biotechnology as specialization. The M.Sc. Botany was started in 2013 with Biotechnology as specialization.  The Department has conducted various National Seminars/Symposia for the students and reaserch communities. Our plan for the immediate future is to become a research department so that the department would be a centre of higher learning in this semi-rural area. We hope and pray that this department will, in due course of time will grow as light and life in the field of higher education and research which would cater to the imperative needs of our country and a blessing to many.